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Pi Craft is dedicated to making healthy delicious hand crafted pizzas using fresh ingredients, served in a fast casual style. With our state of the art revolving pizza oven we can cook our American-Italian inspired fare in about 6 minutes. The toppings are unique and always fresh giving you thousands of topping combinations to create your own pizza for one price. Or try one of our delicious signature Pi's.

We use an ancient European yeast culture and 4 flours to create a unique whole grain artisan crust.  Our original recipe is not an American style bread pizza, or super thin European crust, we fall somewhere in the middle. Our state of the art revolving stone oven reaches temperatures upward of 1000˚F, while the floor temperature typically ranges between 600˚ to 800˚ F.  Because of this high temperature, we can cook pizza or sandwiches in about 3-6 minutes.



Ember Wood Fire Grill is a nontraditional, sharing restaurant. All of our food, wood-fired pizzas, steaks, chops, pasta, and seafood, is prepared fresh and is designed to be served when it is ready. Therefore we encourage sharing. Sharing is a very social and economical way to dine. Our style is not the traditional: “Soup, Salad, Appetizer, and then Entrée.” We strive to be fresh, simple, and unique.

From scratch cuisine using the best ingredients from sustainable sources, whenever possible: selections with no growth hormones, pesticides, pre-packaged, frozen or use of steam tables will be used in our kitchen. Our food is high quality and labor intensive, the same as some of the top restaurants in the country, without the big city over-head.


Bar-Eat-O offers over 24 fresh, non-processed ingredients, including authentic braised meats, organic tofu sofritas, and from scratch salsas and sauces. With special grilled meat recipes, fresh vegetables and condiments, there are 1000’s of possible flavor combinations. Our food options cover the likes of vegetarian/vegan lifestyles, special need diets, kids, and of course the meat lover. The average wait in line time is an estimated 3-5 minutes, we pride ourselves as a healthy alternative to fast food.

Bar-Eat-Ooffers several catering options to meet your special occasion and party-planning needs. Our Catering spreads are a fantastic option for work lunches, family gatherings, office parties, special occasions, school functions, sporting events or just for a good time! Let us help make your event great!